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A Letter that never can be sent.

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 01:38 am
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posted by: mauvedragon in note_to_parents

Dear Mum....Collapse )

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(no subject)

Apr. 5th, 2006 | 01:56 pm
posted by: 2elliot4 in note_to_parents

She was snappish all afternoon, so we were careful to be as quiet and helpful as possible. After dinner Jessica got it into her head to bake cupcakes to make her feel better. It was a silly idea anyway, because Mom is diabetic, but she wanted to cheer her up. She ended up botching the recipe, and mom found her in the kitchen covered in flour and who knows what else. She started screaming at her, telling her how she's had such a bad day and all she wanted was to relax and make herself some tea and look what she finds? A stupid little girl making a mess in her kitchen, and get out before I hit you. Go practice piano or something. So Jessica goes down to the basement and starts playing piano, and Mom screams down at her to stop making that terrible noise, she's got a headache and isn't it enough that you made such a mess of my kitchen that I have to clean up now? Jessica starts crying. This is the last straw. RACHEL, and I come running because what else can I do? She tells me to finish to cupcakes or throw the whole thing away, and Jessica to go to her room. Jess runs off in tears and I bake the cupcakes, and they turn out alright. She calls Jess down and has her taste one and tell me how good it is, and says "At least I have one daughter with a head on her shoulders" and Jessica gives me this horrible venemous look and runs up to her room and slams the door. Mom pours herself a glass of wine and I am so mad. I tell her exactly what I'm thinking, and she starts crying. She tells me to get out of her kitchen and she doesn't want to see me before tomorrow morning.
I can hear Jess crying across the hall.

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(no subject)

Mar. 24th, 2006 | 07:27 pm
posted by: 2elliot4 in note_to_parents

Hi. I have time, so I thought I'd do something here. I won't mind if this is deleted later.
My mom is an extremely angry person. When I was little she used to verbally abuse my sisters and I. In recent years she's gotten alot better, but it's still like walking on eggshells when she's around. Even so, she's my mom. For many years I hated her, but I never stopped loving her.
Today she made me change my clothes twice before I could leave the house because I was "unfashionable", even though I was already late for the bus. It's just little things like that, but every once in awhile she'll say something that'll get to me, and then? Ouch.
I'm happier when she's not around, even as I miss her. And I feel guilty for feeling that way. She doesn't have it easy. In fact, of all of us I'd say she has it the worst. Every four years her husband's job drags her to a new country, away from friends and family. She can't get a job, except as a teacher or aide at the American school, because she isn't fluent in anything but English. She has trouble making friends, because she has few excuses for social interaction. I mean, at least we have school, and Daddy has work. We kind of have to make friends. She doesn't have anything.
And every night when we all come trooping home, she has dinner ready for us. She doesn't have to do that. She even makes us eat our vegetables. Sometimes I think that without her we'd all fall apart.
So I love my mom.

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Mar. 24th, 2006 | 08:23 am
posted by: revelininsanity in note_to_parents

I'm actually a pretty lousy mod, huh?

Well, here's as good a time as any to remind you guys of the rules:

1. Be respectful.

Yes, your home life could be as sweet as heck. Or it could be hell. Either way, please remember that not everyone has the same home life as you and respond accordingly.

2. Spelling and grammer. CHECK IT OR BE BANNED.

I hope we're all of an age to figure this one out. LJ has a spellchecker. Use it.

3. Bigotry is not allowed.

As the mod, I reserve the right to judge what is and is not bigotry. However, take it a as a matter of course that racial, homophobic, ablist, religious and sexist slurs will recieve zero tolerance. Offenders will be warned ONCE, then banned on a second occurance.

So, everyone, thank you for joining, and have a good time, huh?

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